Crowns and Bridges – Restore your smile

Crowns and bridges can transform your smile and restore your confidence.

Crowns are an ideal restoration for teeth that are discoloured, crooked, misshapen, rotated, fractured or have been weakened by decay or by a very large filling.  A crown is often recommended following a root canal treatment to dramatically strengthen the tooth and improve function.

Crowns can be use to incorporate precision attachments for supporting loose fitting dentures and avoiding unsightly denture clasps.

At II0 dental your ceramic crowns are designed, milled and fitted for you during the same visit – no temporary crowns are therefore required.

A bridge is often the preferred option when one or more teeth are missing.  Cosmetics and function are greatly improved by bridging missing teeth. The missing teeth are replaced by matching ceramic or porcelain teeth that fill the gaps and are permanently fixed to an adjacent tooth or teeth.

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